About the project


This project was commissioned by Write Cy, after some of their aspiring young authors were chosen to have their short Comic Book stories illustrated by artists and then published. A team of illustrators, artists and authors combined their forces to bring to life these stories. I was responsible for creating the Deluxe Edition Covers for each story, as well as creating the main cover for the DLE. After speaking to each author and their assigned artist individually, each team came up with a rough idea, where I took and illustrated in my own style. The main DLE cover inspiration came from all the stories, were I tried to combine them all in an image. The point was to draw attention to the main cover using bright colors and fine details, but still keeping the mystery. The viewer eventually has to read the stories, in order to understand fully the main cover. That illustration was also chosen to be used for all the promotional purposes of the project. The project was eventually presented for the first time at Cyprus Comic Con 2016.

Write CY